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Customise Publisher ( log to a model when connecting to the publisher)

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by Abdel-Rahman Makssoud in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-04-16


I am working now on Aris Publisher , and I have some questions.

In fact, I managed to customise a part of my home page of publisher ( I changed the logo to put the logo of my company, I added the news), but what im searching now is the possibility to log directly to a generale model in my data base when I log to the publisher .

Do you have any idea?

Thank u in advance,


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Robert Stowman posted on 2010-04-16

Hi Abdel,


One strategy could be to add the model link to your 'Favorites".....simple but effective.


Best regards,



Wafa D posted on 2010-09-09

Hi Abdel,

Could you tell me how did you do to change the logo?

Thanks in advance,


Martin Schröder posted on 2010-09-13

Hello Wafa,

info on configuration and basic customization of BusPublisher you can find in the docs folder of your installation directory

  • Install_Administration_Guide.pdf
  • quick_start_guide_aris_bpub.pdf

re custom Logo pls see here 

re changing the home page or welcome frame pls see here

Martin Schröder posted on 2010-09-13

Aslama, Abdel !

Did you configure your BusPublisher to use the navigation carousel in the welcome frame ?

If so you have to prepare a structuring model with specific attributes, whose objects can be linked to the icons of the carousel as a starting point. For details please compare quick_start_guide_aris_bpub.pdf and the UMG demo db .

Best regards, Martin

Abdel-Rahman Makssoud posted on 2010-12-27

Hello Martin,

Excuse me for being late, but I was busy with other things and I did not find the time tov isit Arisblog.

In Fact, I finished customizing  the Homepage publisher( News, logo), but as you have noted  in your last answer, I want now to configureThe Bus Publisher to use the navigation carousel, and to connect it with my model that i have done in the concept of ARIS HOUSE.

But I think it's not so easy, do you have an example or youcan help me achieve this?? It will be very nice from you.

Thank you in advance,

Abdel-Rahman Makssoud posted on 2010-12-28

Hello again Martin,

I cheked the "quick_start_guide_aris_bpub.pdf ", and I managed to Publish just 2 symboles : Organization & Processes, but i dont know why i cannot do the same to the other symboles?

I doubt that its a problem of language, because i Write in frensh.

DO you have any idea about what can be the problem?

Thank u in advance,


Abdel-Rahman Makssoud posted on 2010-12-28

Problem Resolved !

Bhanu Pratap posted on 2011-08-11


Need inputs:

What are the key attributes that we need to take into account during modeling from the perspective of future MIS reporting ??



Rino San posted on 2011-10-06

Does anyone knows if it's possible to set the Aris House as welcome page of Aris Publisher? And how to do it?

Thanks for any possible help...


Martin Schröder posted on 2011-10-14

Hello Rino,

see this post for how to change the background image 

And here Jackie Damrau showed the effect.

Regards, Martin

Ashana Mittal posted on 2017-11-11

Hi all,

We are currently using ARIS business publisher and we want to customise it to some extent. Our idea is to capture the credentials of the person visiting the business publisher. May be a pop up comes which ask for the credentials of the person visiting the tool. Is that possible? Thanks in advance