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by Arthur CHAVANY in PPM posted on 2017-04-25


I am trying to do a runppmdelete call in order to delete some process instances.

But when the batch is run, the following error that is logged (it's a translation from french):

E: 25.04.17 13:34:16 [IMP] La dimension "TIME" indiquée dans l'argument d'exclusion n'existe pas pour la relation "PROCESS_ONLY" ou elle n'a pas été connectée pour les types de processus sélectionnés.
The TIME dimension include in the exlusion argument does not exist for the relation "PROCESS_ONLY", or it is not connected to the process selected.

Plus, here is a copy of the xml used by the runppmdelete:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE paramset SYSTEM "paramset.dtd">

<paramset index="0">
 <analysewizparam selectedrow="0" />
  <chart-colinfo />
 <cnetparam />
 <epkparam />
 <favoritparam usecache="yes">
  <title show-name="false" />
 <filterpanelcriterions />
 <kiquery usecache="yes" fillcache="no" showzero="auto">
   <criterion name="PROCESSTYPE" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Type de processus</criterion>
   <filteritem operator="or">
    <dataitem mode="|">
     Processus IPPPR\Traiter les DAPs (Cycles)

     <datatype name="TEXTPAIR">Paire de textes</datatype>
     <scale name="LEVEL2SCALE" factor="2.0">Détaillé</scale>
   <criterion name="TIME" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Time</criterion>
   <filteritem operator="or">
    <datarange operator="gteq">
     &gt;=1. janv. 70
     <dataitem value="01.1.1970">
      1. janv. 70
      <datatype name="TIME">Date et heure</datatype>
      <scale name="DAYSCALE" factor="86400.0">Jours</scale>
   <criterion name="PNUM" relation="PROCESS_ONLY">Nombre de processus</criterion>
 <relexplorer />
 <tableparam view="listtable">
  <tbl-cross totalresult="yes" />
  <tbl-instance />

Can you help me to correct this error?





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Jiri Mares posted on 2017-05-02

Which version of PPM do you run? Have you ever managed to successfully use the "runppmdelete" with another combination of DIMs or so? You can play with the batch little bit more in "test" mode, see ppm documentation, which is a good way to get it working in most cases.

Basically, the Dimensions are there to limit/select the process instances which are to be deleted. When it comes to the "runppmdelete" (and the other ppm batches as well) you can use only the dimensions which are enabled/connected and registered for your process types and so on. That´s the point where I´d start from - based on the error you sent.

You can share with me some further details if you want. Check my profile here and drop me an email.