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by Faris adel in ARIS@School posted on 2017-06-16

Hi all ,

after excute script you must choose specific Database and second dialog choose the language bla bla bla 

i want to write script to do it without show any dialog 

for example : in script will be chose the test database , after run make report on test database .


How to do it ? 

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Rune Becker posted on 2017-06-19

Dear Ahmad,

ARIS@School is project based in a Germany. Are you sure you are referring to that project, or do you rather use a commercial ARIS product, such as ARIS Architect?

In case of the latter, then your question rather belongs to ARIS in practice:

And then please provide more information which product & version you are using and in more detail what you did and where you expect that ARIS works in a different way.