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exporting a MS word doc with the PrintDate field

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by Ahmed Omer in Reports & Macros posted on 2018-02-11

i'm looking for a script to print a report in a word document with the footer including the dynamic date of the printing , is it possible ?

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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2018-02-11

Hello Ahmed,

As far as I know there is no Constant in Reports to output printdate. All the available Constants of fields you can find in ARIS Script Help, they start with "FIELD_".

Nevertheless, if you have enough enthusiasm and you really need this field, you can try workaround solution It's much more difficult, but it allows to use all the MS Word formatting (including any fields). If you start new report it's simple enough, but if you want to add one line in standard report I wouldn't recommend to use this workaround. It will take a lot of time to change all the outputs to new format.

BR, Nikita

Ahmed Omer posted on 2018-02-11

Hi Nikita 
i really appreciate your help and your work on the project , ive been surfing around it's file for some time now , 
i will try implementing it and i will update you and the WIKI of my findings 

million thanks