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ARIS Standard Reporting

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by Alberto Granados in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-08-15

Hello Team,

I´m a new user of ARIS, and i been reviewing the standard reports that are able to be run in ARIS Connect and the ones  in Architect.

And i have a couple of doubts that i'm wondering if you can help me...

  • Standard Reports

    • Are all of them based in JavaScript?
    • Is there a User Guide which explains how to edit the Standard Reports?
    • Is there a Guide to build the "Template for data import" ?
  • Queries

    • Is there any specific programming language?  
    • Or does they works while using the different tables of ARIS?

Is there a real guide of the reports that all companies uses as first steps to get data from Aris (Architect or Connect), i just receive something from the third party who is helping us implementing the system...

Thanks in Advance for your help


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Liju Ram posted on 2017-08-30

You can refer to the Tutorials here. Its been 1 month i am using ARIS. I would be happy to help you with the limited knowledge i have on ARIS Scripting so far. Its just trail and error . All the best.