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aris architect does not connect with aris publisher after upgrade

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by Alexander Mayer in User Support posted on 2017-02-14

Dear community,

we upgraded our ARIS Architect server to version

ARIS 9.8 SR7 -

and the ARIS Publisher to version


All data from the Architect and the Publisher are there, but unfortunately we cannot export any new database from ARIS Architect to the Publisher, because the Publisher server is not visible for the Architect server. We receive an error that there is no Publisher server available - see screen shot.

Were there any port changes from the previous version, or has anybody an explanation what could cause this error?









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Alexander Hettrich posted on 2017-02-14


did you check that the correct Port for Publisher Server is configured for your abs Service?


change Row: abs.bp.port=19990

to correct Port e.g. : abs.bp.port=80

Sometimes this is overwritten during update.


Alexander Hettrich

Gerald Schroeder posted on 2017-02-14

Hello Alexander(s),

I had the same issue while upgrading to 9.8 SR6. After the installation I renewed the entry in defaultServerSetting.cfg - but it was not sufficient. 

In addition I had to change the parameter abs.bp.port via set in the ARIS Server Administrator!!

Unfortunatelly I didn't find a hint in the release-letter or other docs 8o(( - so I had to call the support.

BR Gerald

Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-14

Is your Publisher services running? Reboot publisher server/ start/ stop services.

Alexander Mayer posted on 2017-02-15

thank you for the quick reply. We finally solved the issue here is our lessons learned...


Actually it was resolved by re-installation. The upgrades are just losing time.

In the Designer case the upgrade was in fact not done - the files (jars) named with the version in the name still were 9.8.5, though the upgrade reported success.

Both Designer and Publisher servers have to be upgraded twice the first run doesn't upgrade the Cloud controller properly (missing at least one file and the menu item is corrupted, missing icon and it doesn't find the program to run).

The https support is possible to install by the enhance command provided the certificate chain is done like: server + intermediate + root concatenation of the pem files. This should be better described in the docu. [The actual info is better explained in the Apache web server docu, what the load balancer actually is.]

The Publisher after the upgrade was not visible until reinstalled from scratch.

The original problem:

The server reported an exception like a missing class leading me to think the installation is corrupted. (Like a new antivirus update can find some false alarm and remove the file.) This class was actually an exception and had likely by the name to do something with some data exception. Since after re-installing from scratch in a new, clean database it works, probably the Publisher data was corrupted. There was several times reported an exception: Could not proceed with index DDL operation on table 'e1_cxndefattr' because it conflicts with another concurrent operation that is already in progress on the object.

The concurrent operation could be an online index operation on the same object or another concurrent operation that moves index pages like DBCC SHRINKFILE.

As even a database server restart and machine reboot didn't resolve it, the reinstallation after 3 years of intensive use is probably the best way how to clean the database. It was likely some corrupted index.

Now we have everything clean and up-to-date and I hope it will last some time.