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Process Interface, connect to EPC processes.

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by Alexander Tatarinov in ARIS Cloud Support posted on 2017-03-09


how can I connect same level EPC processes?

1st process ends with event X.

2nd process starts with event X.

What Aris Cloud Advanced functionality can I use in order to connect these 2 processes? I read about process interface, but it's not clear how to use it.

Can you attach screenshots, please?



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Christoph Lorenz posted on 2017-03-09

Hi Alex

A process interface is a link from a process A to a process B on the same business level respectively from a process A on a lower level to a function B on the next higher business level.
Please use for a link from a higher level function to the next lower level EPC the symbol "function".
Process interfaces are only available in the model type EPC.

Two additiona graphics are attached



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Helen Knight posted on 2017-03-10

Hi, can you provide the detail step by step on how to link a process. I am very frustrated at trying to link my two EPC diagrams together. In the old version there was the Process Interface Icon, this is not showing up in ARIS 9, I have the full professional edition. 

Please explain how you link it, step by step, as the current interface is not at all intuitive

Helen Knight posted on 2017-03-10

I found this video to explain it for me. You have to create a Value Added Chain Diagram first. Then you create assignments to lower levels, both in the Value Added Chain Diagram or an EPC diagram

Alexander Tatarinov posted on 2017-03-16

Thanks for replies, very clear now. 2 options

1. Value Added Chain Diagram connects to EPC

2. two same level EPCs through symbol "process interface"