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Hello, I need some code that will only get me the "checked" relationships, like you can see in this image below:

Because I only need the relationships that you can see in the graphic as well.

this case:

process interface named : Gerir Ordens de Trabalho

Events connected :

Pedido de Serviço Efetuado

Ordem de trabalho Resolvida



I tried:

   var eventTypes = [Constants.OT_EVT];

 var events =  proInterface[i].getConnectedObjs(eventTypes); (this gives me all the relationships that are events)

and i only want the ones who are really connected in the EPC.


I tried too:       var inOut = Constants.EDGES_OUT; (and Constants.EDGES_INOUT, Constants.EDGES_IN ...and the other constants but none gives the outcome i need)
                    var events =  proInterface[i].getConnectedObjs(eventTypes, inOut);

In this situation: i loose events that are connected or it stays the same