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ARIS Publisher - graphics prints are blurred

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by Andreas Küstner in User Support posted on 2018-02-07


we have installed the ARIS Publisher Version: My Problem is if a user want to print a model from the Publisher with the print function (see ARIS Print Window) the graphic will save as PDF. But the graphic in the PDF is very blurred and not sharp. If i use the evaluate function and evaluate the graphics to Excel the graphic is very sharp (see Evaluate the graphics to Excel). This isn´t user-friendly because they want to print the graphics in good shape and sharp.

Is there a solution to get sharper graphics with the print function?

Best Regards


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Nikita Martyanov posted on 2018-02-07

Hello Andreas,

I can suppose (I'm not sure) that two these methods use different graphic formats.

When you use print window it must be png format (raster graphic) inside pdf and when you output graphic using report there is emf graphic format (vector graphic) inside Excel. That's why you've got different results.

I think that solution is to create custom report to output emf inside pdf and customize ARIS Publisher layout to create new button that will call new report.

BR, Nikita

Rune Becker posted on 2018-02-07

Dear Andreas,

Did you check with Global Support ARIS whether those graphics are supposed to be sharp for that chosen output format, and whether it's not caused by system/graphics setting on the end-user computer/OS.