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Donkey Kong even likes ARIS Express (funny category)

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by Andy Borntraeger in ARIS Express posted on 2009-11-10

I was just a little kid when I played this game...

I played hours and hours to beat Donkey Kong and get the princess back - never lost the fun playing this game. Today there are many "Mario games" on the market but this is the real Mario :)

Unfortunately I was not able to upload my ARIS Express file as a model because the upload is restricted to a size of 200kb. Please note that the file is in attachement. In addition to Kong there is much more inside the model... you will see iti f you open the file ;) (you have to be logged in to see this file!)

I hope you enjoy my model!

preview of Donkey Kong even likes ARIS Express (funny category) ()

open peachfinal1.adf (478KB) with ARIS Express

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Hans Peter posted on 2009-11-10

Nice job! I like your interpretation of aris ;-) But can you explain the presented process :P

by the way: If you win the ipod can I get your old one? ;-)

Andy Borntraeger posted on 2009-11-10

Hey Hans Peter! Thank you for your answer :)

Sorry but I wont give you my "old one" ;) - The reason why: I dont have an IPod...

Have anyone ever played DK on this paddle? This is awesome!

The story of the game:

-you are Mario

-Mario always wants to save the princess (who was kidnapped by a bad guy...)

-you want to save the princess!

-the difficulty is that DK throughs with rolling tuns ( DK is the big guy on the top  ;) )

-if a tun hit you you will lose one life

-you have a defined number of lives

-if you lose all of your lives, you will be game over


Have a nice day :)

André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2009-11-11

haha... NICE !