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problem to access ARIS/ proxy setting correct

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by Aneta Pawlusiak in ARIS Express posted on 2017-04-10

Hi, I cannot access the ARIS Express on my computer. The following msg is popping up:
'Es konnte keine Verbindung zur ARIS Community herstellen weden. Bitte stellen Sie beim ersten Start von ARIS Express eine Verbindung zum Internet her, damit Ihre Zugandsdaten ueberpruft werden koennen.'
Can anyone support me on the above? Please note that I have already checked my https proxy setting which is correct, i.e. as per ARIS guidance.

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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-04-10


if you are using the Microsoft Windows installable file, most likely, Express is not able to connect to the community to check you account via the proxy. This is due to the mechanisms used to create a call through your proxy. Some proxy configurations cannot be accessed with that Express version.

The webstart version of Express has other possibilities (it runs in the JRE sandbox and does not need to care about any proxy). So a solution could be just to start the webstart version, register, and get rid of the webstart version again. The windows version will still work.

So, you could try the following:
1.) download ARIS Express via:
2.) do the registration
3.) clear the webstart cache (which will delete the webstart version of express) :
     via your system environment: open "Java"
     first page: temporary internet files, settings, click "delete all"
4.) install the windows executable if not done yet, and start Express

Did it work?


Shaun Koekemoer posted on 2017-04-10


The URL in your solution does not work on my PC. I dont have a program to open that file type.

Please advise an alternative solution.



Frank Weyand posted on 2017-04-10


in that case, you need to have a JRE installed on your machine. Please read the FAQ.



Bola Oyelaja posted on 2017-04-12

I am having the same problem as above and I downloaded JRE already, stillcan't activate.  Please what can I do to rectify this issue.