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Importing Visio 2013 EPC drawings

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by Doug Becker in User Support posted on 2014-08-14

Is there any way to import a Visio 2013 EPC diagram into ARIS 9.6 or ARIS Express?  The new .vsdx file format in Visio 2013 replaces the previous version's XML Drawing format (.vdx format) so that option is no longer available in 2013.

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Midhat Un Nisa posted on 2014-10-17


We are thinking of upgrading to MS Visio 2013 and have the same question: is the .vsdx format compatible with latest versions of ARIS?

Alain Nussbaumer posted on 2015-07-30

I would be interested as well in this feature. Is there any news on this topic?

Rune Becker posted on 2015-07-31

Dear Alain,

ARIS 9.7 and newer ARIS versions can import both .VDX and .VSDX files.


Alain Nussbaumer posted on 2015-08-17

Thank you very much Rune for this information.

Gary Wallage posted on 2015-12-03

What about the Aris Express version?

Rune Becker posted on 2015-12-03

Dear Gary,

Did you read


Alexey Shmonov posted on 2015-12-04

I'm on 9.8

While ARIS can "see" both VDX and VSDX files, it only works correctly with VDX. Attempt to import VSDX throws out error.

VDX format was discontinued by Microsoft in Visio 2013, so you can't store in this format from Visio 2013 anymore, but VSDX seems to not working.

Same VSDX file, being saved in format for VIsio 2007, and then from this old version of Visio to VDX was imported fine.

Maybe there are some prerequisites or required things I have to comply with in Visio in order to be able to import a diagram?

Alexey Shmonov posted on 2015-12-08

The response from ARIS Support:

Visio 2013 is not supported!

Olga Petrescu posted on 2016-05-12

so what is the workaround if I have Visio 2013 and need to import to EPC a map?

thank you!

Rune Becker posted on 2016-05-19

Dear Olga,

As my colleague replied below your recent comment, import from Visio 2013 IS supported.


Torsten Haase posted on 2015-12-09

This issue cannot be reproduced in any current ARIS version (checked with 9.8.1, 9.8.2). Visio import works fine with VDX and VSDX Visio files.
(The information you got from ARIS support is not correct)

Sonja van Vuuren posted on 2016-08-31

Hi Torsten,

I am also trying to import a Visio 2013 .vsdx file format into ARIS 9.8 but gets the error message: Unable to import the selected file.

Can you assist me with the how to.....




nicholas ashley posted on 2015-12-15

I'm unable to import .vsdx files into ARIS Express as well.

Amy Benjamin posted on 2017-06-15

When will ARIS Express support Visio 2013?  All Visio 2013 files are saved in extensible format, versus prior versions of Visio. In order to convert to ARIS, all existing artifacts in Visio 2013 need to be imported.  I need to test this capability.

The current help information in the user community appears to only support older versions of Visio.


  1. Save your diagram in Microsoft Visio in *.vdx format.
  2. In ARIS Express, click on File/Import: Visio VDX files.
  3. Select a file of the *.vdx type, and click on Open.
  4. Save the imported models

The only workaround I've been able to find is to save the file as an older version of Visio (*vsd, Re: Visio 2003-2010), open the file in the older version of the Visio application, and save it as a *.vdx file.  Then, the current (above) procedures may be followed.  As such, I am unable to test this capability because I only use Visio 2013.