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Layouting report

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by Bruno Smets in Reports & Macros posted on 2011-03-01

Am trying to create a report and am struggling with the layout of it: I try to keep title and graphs and/or table on the same page (just as you can do in - for instance - a Ms Access report). Any suggestions?




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Eva Klein posted on 2011-03-02

This should be no problem. What I need to know is: are you creating a report by scripting or using the WYSIWYG editor?

Bruno Smets posted on 2011-03-02

As I don't really know Java, I try to stay away from scripting myself and stick to the design view.

Eva Klein posted on 2011-03-04

Okay, it is really easy :).

If you want to output the model title and graphic on  the same page and the next model with the same information (title + graphic) on the next page, then you must enter a text field below the graphic. 

Enter a line break behind the graphic data field and then insert a Text field, select page break and select then the Okay button. Now you will get an extra page for every model.

Bruno Smets posted on 2011-03-07


However what I want is that for each section title, graphic and table are on the same page and not separated.

I try to explain with the screenshots underneath: The first and second one should stick together (I assume the section Break (Next Page) should disappear to get at that point.

The last screenshot shows how I currently have configured it in the design view.


Eva Klein posted on 2011-03-08

You don't need a new section, just insert a data table with the information you want to have into the section of Selected models and enter a Page break behind the data table in the section of Selected models. It should look like the following picture.


Christoph Klett posted on 2011-03-16

How can I fill the right column ("Executed by" ) of the table shown above with the executing persons? Could you please help me to find the right selection for the data field?

Jaime Pedros posted on 2011-06-06

Hi Chistoph


I've the same issue as you ... I haven't found how to add the information of the activity 'execution' , I'll continue on it.

Nevertheless, I found this entry in the community that could help you:

Kind regards


Eva Klein posted on 2011-06-09

Hi Christoph,

to fill the "Executed by" column with information, you must change some details of the above-mentioned report.

Layouting report

If you have further questions please let me know.


Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-19

Hi.  I am not  able to run this WYSIWYG report.  What is the significance of the page break?



Eva Klein posted on 2011-09-20

Could you please tell me if you received an error message and if yes what it said? The page break means that a new page will start after each model.

Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-20

thanks for your response.  it seems the page break is not relevant to my issue. 

This is my WYSIWYG report


the error is


line 235:

return ArisData.sort(ArisData.Unique(result),Constants.AT_ID, nLocale)

Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-20

 Apologies this is the error:

Error while executing scritp:

Script: report_name, line 235

Thanks again.

Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-20

  wysiwyg reportimage

Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-23

Hi, I think my screenshots are not visible.  I describe my report below.  I hope you can now assist with this report:

Selected Models:

for all: selected models


for all: selected models.object definitions (filterable by type)

Data table:

for all: selected models.object definitions (filterable by type).connection list (filterable)


IDENTIFIER: {Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type).Attribute (filterable by type).Attribute value}

FUNCTION: {Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type).Name}

DESCRIPTION: {Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type).Attribute (filterable by type).Attribute value}

ROLE: {Selected models.Object definitions (filterable by type).Connection list (filterable).Source object definition.Name}



Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-23

error refers to line 235:     return ArisData.sort(ArisData.Unique(result),Constants.AT_ID, nLocale)

Eva Klein posted on 2011-09-23

Sorry, but this description does not help me to understand what the problem is.

Louise Curran posted on 2011-09-27

Hi Eva, I hope you are able to see this screenshot of the report which gives me the error:

return ArisData.sort(ArisData.Unique(result),Constants.AT_ID, nLocale)

Please let me know if you require further information

Many thanks

mayank gulati posted on 2012-03-29

Hi Eva,

I have tried all the  settings shown here and they are exactly the same as explined by you but when i run the report , data table does'nt come out in report and also i want to include all the objects attached to function i.e. Position, application system type , events etc. in teh given EPC.

Kindly help me with the same.

Regards Mayank