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Dear members I have some question about the best practice to diagram a control in a EPC.

Considerate the next situation:

In some process is posible to identify the control in the same process (diagram) where the risk occur.

E.g.(review pdf)

I have a process where I can identify a "Risk 1" in the Task 1, this risk have a control, and this control is the "Task 3" in the same process. What is the best practice to diagram this situation.

a) In a Business Control diagram, making a definition copy of the Task 3, right?. I think is a correctly way, however, in the EPC the Manger can´t see that the "Task 3" is a Control or generate a report where they can show this situation in the whole organization, because if we use a Definition Copy we lose a relation between the task and control.

b) Is correct to connect a control with the " Task 3" (Definition or Occurrence copy and what name use in the control I don´t know?). I don´t like this solution, because the connection is the same to connect function to function.