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Hi ,

I am trying to integrate LDAP in ARIS 9 and I am able to make a connection between ARIS and LDAP system.

Regarding the user group details,I have given the below details in the UMC Configuration


User Search Path: OU=Hosting,dc=dir,dc=example,dc=com

User search filter : (&(sAMAccountName=*))(&(objectclass=group)(memberOf=CN=<Usergroup>,OU=Admin,OU=Hosting,DC=dir,DC=example,DC=com))

I have activated the LDAP also.

But when tried to import the users I'm getting the message as Zero users imported. I have checked the user group and it contains 3 users.

I have also tried to run the LDAP batch file(y-ldapsync.bat) which is available in 
D:\softwareAG\ARIS9.8\server\bin\work\work_umcadmin_m\tools\bin using command prompt I get the same message.

Below is the command used to import the users,

y-ldapsync.bat -s -t default importUsers -u system -p manager -f (cn=userID)

Can anyone please tell me if I have missed out anything and why I'm getting zero users while importing.


Thanks and Regards,

Chethan Rao.