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Using SAML behind ReverseProxy

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by Christian Heimerl in Administration & User Management posted on 2018-01-26


I have the following problem:

  • My ARIS server is in the Intranet on server . The loadbalancer is configured like this.
  • I need to make ARIS Connect available to the Internet through a reverse proxy in the DMZ named using SAML using federation provider
  • I configured as SSO Url and all other required SAML fields in UMC
  • Now the user connects to which is given through to the ARIS server (intransparent to the user).
  • The ARIS Server does not know the user and starts the SAML process

Is there a solution to the problem?

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Christian Heimerl posted on 2018-01-26

Two additions:

  • We use ARIS 9.8.7
  • A potential could be the use of mod_substitute but I couldn't get it working on the ARIS Apache web server. Uncommenting the LoadModule line and adding the Substitute command (in several variations) did not work (also with a very simple Substitute String). Any ideas on that?