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Restoring backup

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by Deepa Tambe in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-10-13


Any idea on how to restore the ARIS database to a previous date? The ARIS database is on the SQL server.



Deepa TAmbe

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Frank Weyand posted on 2010-10-14


I hope you made backups?

If you use versioning in your database, you can restore a database specifying a specific changelist; so you can restore a database exactly to a previous version.

Does that help?



Martin Schröder posted on 2010-10-14

Some more insight on versioning and the options for restoring a specific state you will find in this thread

Rob Schakenbos posted on 2017-09-13


Due to problems with the update of my student licence key of ARIS Designer/Architect 9.8, I was unable to login to my local server. Eventually I had to totally reinstall the software. Before doing this I made copies of all the files in the install folder, but I was unable to make a database backup without logging in.

The reinstall worked, I again have access to the software, but I can't access all the models I created earlier.

Is there a possibility to retrieve the database with the copied files from the install folder?


Thanks in advance,


Rune Becker posted on 2017-09-13


If you still have the folder work_postgres_local from your former installation, all your modeling content is still stored there. You could simply delete the new folder in your fresh installation, and replace it with that one of the former installation. And if I recall correctly that replacement has to take place WITHOUT starting Architect for the first time after the installation.

If your data isn't showing up correctly, you might need to trigger ARIS to check/fix the modeling data via ARIS Server Administrator. To do so, start arisadm.bat in folder C:\SoftwareAG\ARIS9.8\LOCALSERVER\bin\work\work_abs_local\tools\arisadm, connect to your ARIS LOCAL server via command server localhost:14102 default system manager, then enter maintain all.


Rob Schakenbos posted on 2017-09-14

Thanks! It worked perfectly, even while running Architect prior to the replacement of the files. Using the ARIS Server Administrator also wasn't necessary. I can work with all my models again, thanks for the fast help.