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Process generator

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by Deepti Mittal in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-06-22

I have latest ARIS service release...i am trying to explore ARIS Process Generator capabilties ...Can someone guide with the detailed step by step process to use the same...



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Martin Lottermoser posted on 2010-06-23

Bring something into Process Generator:

- select a model or objects

- rightclick and select evaluate/Macro/open Excel table in process generator

- follow the instructions (select a path for the process generator) ...


Bring changes back from Process Generator to ARIS:

- press the synchronize button in the process generator symbol field of Excel

- this produces a XML-file

- In ARIS: select a group to import the result

- rightclick evaluate/Macro/import process generator table (XML)


More details in ARIS help.

Deepti Mittal posted on 2010-06-24

Hi Martin,

Thanks for the reply. I have a small issue here, when excel opens and i make required changes...

I am unable to view the process generator tool bar i am not able to synchronize it back to the database..(I have enabled macros in excel)

Wondering what might be the issue here..


Umut Oezleyen posted on 2010-08-31

Hi Deepti;

I had also the same funny problem. To see the Process Generator toolbar you must always activate the macros in Excel.

After exporting of the Excel sheet due to process generator, ARIS create a second file.

This is PG70Web.xla and placed directly into your ARIS exporting folder, which contains your all exported Excel and XML files. Its look like that:

This is an Excel Add In file. Please double click on it.

-Activate the macros again (if Excel ask this one more time)

now you can find your toolbar directly on Excel Toolbar Surface like the picture below ;-)...


PS: I am using Excel 2003 and I am not sure about the compatibilty of this Add-in for the higher Excel Versions. I hope it helps  



Rune Becker posted on 2010-06-24

Dear Deepti,

I can't help you much with the Process Generator. But I have an alternative for you: SmartDesign

When you have at least ARIS Business Architect 7.1 Service Release 5 you could make use of SmartDesign instead of the process generator for quickly generating structured models without the hassle to place all the objects.

Although this article explains SmartDesign for ARIS Express most of it applies also to ARIS Business Designer and ARIS Business Architect. So here's another article about SmartDesign which is made for ARIS Business Architect Service Release 5.


Miguel Baron Romero posted on 2010-08-10

Hello, does anyone of you know because I do not see any information to import information from an xml Aris?, Know if I need any special permission?, ARIS version of that I have is 7.1, and the xml file is generated with excel 2007 thanks in advance for your response.

Miguel Baron Romero posted on 2010-08-10

Hello, does anyone of you know because I do not see any information to import information from an xml Aris?, Know if I need any special permission?, ARIS version of that I have is 7.1, and the xml file is generated with excel 2007 thanks in advance for your response.

Shaun Hartley posted on 2010-10-06

Thanks for all the helpful posts on this thread as I've had similar problems in getting the Process generator to work correctly in Excel as I couldn't identify or locate the tool-bar.

I'm using Excel 2007 and have now identified that the Process Generator tools are located within the "Add-Ins" Tab on the Excel Ribbon - once I located the tools its been excellent for completing the mass update of attributes into our process models. 

So thanks to those posting previous comments.

John William posted on 2013-12-12

I am not able to create EPC with the help of process generator,please guide me..Iam able to create other models.

Manojna Kadiri posted on 2012-04-20

Hi Guys


I run into a problem if there are any changes in the attributes in ARIS after i create the macro.The new changes are not getting updated in the existing Macro.How can I go about it and update the same macro each time there are changes in the attributes and attribute values.Please help.


Thanks and Regards

Manojna Kadiri

Martin Lottermoser posted on 2012-05-08

Hi Manojna,

I am not sure, if I understand your problem correctly. If you export something to the process generator, the objects are stored separately in the EXCEL file and linked to ARIS by the GUID (invisible). If you change attributes in ARIS, the process generator doesn't recognize this until you make a new export with "evaluate/start macro/open in process generator".

The process generator is intended normally to be used in the way: export to EXCEL, edit in EXCEL, create xml from process generator, reimport to ARIS. This works if ARIS is the master of data.

Another way of work is to define EXCEL as master of data. Then all changes in ARIS in the objects are lost after the next import from process generator. We use this way for maintaining master data of our application systems.



Darlene Hinkle posted on 2014-04-11

Does anyone know how to use process generator in ARIS 9.5?

Rune Becker posted on 2014-04-14

Dear Darlene,

The ARIS Process Generator is no more available with ARIS 9.x standard installation.

But it is possible to import the Process Generator Scripts from ARIS 7.2 in ARIS 9 and use it there.

Alternatively, you can contact Global Support ARIS on Empower and request the package, which contains all scripts for ARIS 9.


Darren Conboy posted on 2016-09-14

Hi Rune, I'm working with a client on their Process Architecture and we wanted to import some content that we have created in Excel. My client is running ARIS 9. Is there any way to import this content into a set of Function Tree models now that the Process Generator isn't part of ARIS 9, that doesn't require me to create it manually? Cheers Darren.

Rune Becker posted on 2016-09-21

Dear Darren,

Sorry about the delay. During my 3-weeks absence the ARIS Community was very active. Still reading posts from August...

Although I never tried it myself, the ARIS reports Create template for data import and Import data in Excel format look promising. Read the related ARIS help page how to prepare your import data:



Nihal Ismail posted on 2017-06-15


I have this error can you please advice how to solve it.



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-06-19

Dear Nihal,

You started a new question on an old discussion. It's very likely that not many people will find this. I suggest you create a new post in forum, but then also provide more background information, such as which product & version you are using, what you did, what happened and what you instead expected to happen.