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Hello everyone!
I am trying to add a role inside a FAD (function allocation diagram).

So, I have n internal persons with the names "x1", "...", "xn" and I want to create a role with the name "x1 ... xn" and connect it to the function - everything with a script.
This is my piece of code:
for (i = 0; i < foldersList.length; i++){
        group = foldersList[i];
        modelList = group.ModelList(true);
        for(j = 0; j < modelList.length; j++){
            if( (modelList[j].BuildGraph(true)==true) && (modelList[j].Type() == 'Function allocation diagram')){
                object = modelList[j].ObjDefListBySymbols(internalPerson); // internalPerson = [Constants.ST_PERS_INT];
                    // Found a internal person

Does anyone know how I create the roles and connect them to the function ?