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By way of background, I’m installing onto a Ubuntu V16 Linux server running on AWS. My client machine is a Mac and I can’t run the remote install from there so instead I’m running a Windows 2012 Server VMware instance and installing from there.

Here’s my installation steps:

1. I FTP’d the installers to the Ubuntu instance.

2. I’ve opened up port 9001 and can ping the port both from my Mac as well as the Windows VM. I’ve used the Network Utility on Mac and Test-NetConnection program on Win2012Server PowerShell to show this.

3. I’ve installed the ARIS Agent on the Linux Server.

4. The server reports that the Agent is running.

5. I then installed ARIS Cloud Controller on the Win2012 instance.

6. I ran ACC on the Win2012 instance and tried to create a node on the remote machine. This worked (although actually I don’t see this node listed on the server).

7. Finally, on the Ubuntu machine, I ran ACC and tried to create a TEST2 node. This worked too.

8. Thinking that everything is looking good, I run the ARIS Designer installer from the Win2012Server instance and walk through the first few steps. Eventually, I get an error message that says "the remote server cannot be reached, and that I should check port 9001, etc."

So it seems like the Agent really is running on the server and the port really is open so the installer should work.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what might be happening?