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ARIS TV - Episode 8 - BPM with SAP and ARIS

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by Eric Brabänder in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2008-09-08

Would you like to get the big picture on how ARIS and SAP can be combined for an optimized BPM approach? This episode will provide you with an excellent overview of the tool architecture and use within an SAP and ARIS-based BPM environment presented by a subject-matter expert from SAP, Thomas Volmering...

Today, we are going to regale you with a new episode of ARIS TV. In episode 8, I had the chance to visit Thomas Volmering, Lead Product Manager SAP BPM at SAP AG in Walldorf. I have known Thomas for a long time and we had a nice talk about how ARIS and all the different SAP tools can be optimally combined to support your BPM approach. Furthermore, he gives a more detailed explanation about the part of SAP BPM (Galaxy) and ESR.

I think this episode will provide you with an excellent overview of the tool architecture and use within an SAP and ARIS-based BPM environment.

Have fun watching this video and be sure to watch it until the end... you will see that we also had fun making it!

More info regarding BPM with SAP you will find

Hint: If you want to watch the video in better quality just go directly to the Youtube Website and click on "watch in high quality" directly under the video player element.

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Site Administrator posted on 2008-09-27

Harold Maringuer S. said:

Somos de Chile y los felicitamos por el vuestro programa de ARIS TV, nos ayuda mucho a visualizar nuevos caso en ARIS BPM.
Queremos dar a conocer en nuestro país Chile y conectarnos a nuestros sitio web ARIS Academy y ARIS NEWS.
les agradecermos nos indiquen el telefono o correo para contactarnos.
Saluda muy atte.
Harold Maringuer S.

Site Administrator posted on 2008-11-05


Sujeet Narotam said:

Hello Eric,

I found this snippet most informative as I have been trying to get a grip of how ARIS would co-exist with SAP ESR for quite a long time without much success. A couple of questions though…

1. With the promise of SAP NetWeaver BPM which delivers model to code via BPMN standard, would this solution only cater for a pure SAP based implementation or does it also enable the building of composite processes based on a heterogenous system landscape which may also include non-SAP applications / systems (which may also be service-enabled)?

2. In this episode, Thomas talks about aligning composite processes (that can be built in SAP NetWeaver BPM) with the org strategy and business process defined in ARIS via BPMN standard. My question is, what are the implications when trying to align the content in the two platforms if the process content stored in ARIS is based on EPC notation as opposed to BPMN standard used in NetWeaver BPM?

3. Lastly, earlier this year I read a press release from SAP about introducing a new integration scenario between ARIS and SAP ESR whereby access to the ESR is achieved via ARIS Business Architect in a read-only mode which will enable the viewing of models from a business point of view. Furthermore, it will enable service operations to be merged with and annotated to business process models in ARIS. i.e. attaching enterprise services contained in SAP ESR to process steps in EPC for example. My question here, is this integration scenario publicly available today or is it still under construction? And secondly, this takes me back to my previous question, if we are able to attach enterprise services from ESR to an EPC in ARIS, what are the implications when aligning with a process modeled for execution in NetWeaver BPM via BPMN standard?

Look forward to some of your thoughts..
kind regards

Sujeet Narotam


Eric Brabänder posted on 2008-11-12


Hi Sujeet,

I discussed your remarks and questions with my colleague Josèphe Blondaut, who is the responsible product manager for ARIS for SAP. And this is what we can answer.

ad 1) As far as we know SAP NW BPM enables the support and the building of composite applications. This is important if you want to run processes over SAP and Non-SAP applications. SAP NW BPM is based on SAP ESR and therefore also able to integrate services from non-SAP systems.
But do not forget that these processes are only one tiny part of overall company processes and do not replace BPA with tools like ARIS. That’s why even on SAP side BPM includes SAP NW BPM and ARIS.

ad 2) IDS Scheer already supports BPMN standard. We will extend our functionality to BPMN 2.0 and also offer an BPMN 2.0 data exchange as soon as possible.
Thus customer will be able to exchnage BPMN Processes between ARIS and the Process Composer as soon as SAP also offers this possibility.

ad 3) The ARIS - ESR integration is planned to be released to customers by the end of the year. It can not be available before SAP NW 7.1 which is going into Ramp-Up in December of this year, with GA 2009.
As you wrote, this scenario will enable companies to annotate services in their processes and to discover and to plan new services, which then will have to be implemnted in ESR.
There is no issue between EPC & BPMN. Both scenarios will be possible and if necessary a “transformation” awill support exchange from EPC to BPMN.

I hope this helps a little to answer your questions,
Best regards
Josèphe and Eric