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New archiving capability for collaboration content in ARIS Cloud Advanced 10

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by Elke Bastian in ARIS Cloud Blog posted on 2017-07-13

Administrators can now save collaboration content, e. g. for archiving or analysis purposes using the Clean up and export function in the Collaboration. The data up to a certain date can be exported and stored in ARIS Document Storage as a ZIP file and can also be deleted to clean up the database.

The export data gets stored in ARIS Document Storage in a dedicated technical folder. To make this data accessible the respective ARIS Document Storage user, who can write into ARIS Document Storage must be defined using the function Configure document user. Then a ZIP file is created that can be downloaded via the Collaboration UI only from a Collaboration administrator. This ZIP file contains the same information as tenant backups and is secured by AE S256 encryption.

This new capability is also available in ARIS Cloud Enterprise 10 and ARIS Connect 10.

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