With the advent of Solvency II in January 2013, European insurers are required to comply with new risk management and governance regulations. Because compliance is mandatory, senior management needs to understand how their processes relate to the regulations so that their systems are fully auditable. Attend this webinar to learn how your organization can meet the requirements of Solvency II using Software AG’s Solvency II Content Package. The presentation will cover:

  • A demonstration of the Solvency II Content Package in ARIS.
  • A demonstration of the ARIS Enterprise Risk Management(ERM) solution to comply with the governance requirements of Pillar II of Solvency II. This solution is in use by companies like ASR Asset Management and W&W.
  • SecondFloor’s auditable solution that significantly enhances spreadsheets utilizing the existing EIOPA standard model and data structures.

Register now for this webinar and learn how to accelerate your compliance efforts with Solvency II! The webinar will be recorded and a copy of the slides and a link to the on-demand recording will be sent to all registrants.