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Scheduling ARIS Tenant backup-ARIS 9.8

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by Faz Zaman in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-02-07

I am trying to understand what it means from a user/ modeller perspective when the actual backup is scheduled during the day.The manualstates users cannot work on the tenant during back up. What if the user is already logged in and editing a model. What does that actually look like from a users perspective, are they kicked out ?

Am I correct in understanding that a tenant can be restored both by the Tenant management tool and also the Cloud Controller Command line?



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Rune Becker posted on 2017-02-08

No, the users don't get kicked out of their session at the server when there's a tenant backup running. That#s not needed, because the backup is just reading data and not changing anything. Only the latter would require an exclusive access.

But when many users are accessing the server during the day, a backup running in parallel might somewhat impact the performance. So you'd better schedule backup/maintenance work during a time when no/less users are connected.

And yes, Tenant Management is just a GUI instead of entering the corresponding commands in ARIS Cloud Controller.


Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-08

 Rune, Thank you for your response. Appreciated buddy!

Great if it doesn't kick users out during tenant back up but it impacts performance especially with multiple concurrent users. 

How long does backup usually take (I guess its dependent on size of data).

Also typically do organisations also perform a auto-database backup too or is there no need as you are undertaking a a tenant back up.

So you have both a tenant backup and a database back up set up. The Tenant back up we are looking to schedule daily with an archive of 2. We also have a service recovery set up on the server (Veaam). 

I remember years ago, I undertook a reorg. & manual db backup every week and archive those.