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I am migrating some processes from and older release of Aris 9.8 sr3 to sr7

So far I have managed to import the config file (.adb) via Aris server administrator and also the database (.adb) via architect. My next objective is to import user profiles:-

1) All users/ user groups.

2) Import the current access privileges & functional privileges.

The first step will be backup the database and tenant tomorrow.

Do I export all users/ user groups via UMC and then import?

Assign all access/ functional privileges via architect via an .xls report import. I know there are a couple of reports which provide the functional and access privilege mapping. Do I import that in architect to give me the mapping

It probably wiser to this all as single tenant import action. But we are doing this separately.The process model db and its config. is already imported. 

Can somebody provide the best approach to now import all users/ user groups and associated access/ functional privileges. I also need to ensure that the current user to usergroup allocation is carried over too.

Any advice would really be appreciated.