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Changing licence key after installation ARIS Business Server

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by Frank Beyer in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-02-03

Hello everybody,


I installed the ARIS 7.1 Business Server and want to change the licence key, that is needed to start the server. How can I do this?


Thx in advance,


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Ciska de Jager posted on 2010-02-03

On the server itself, under the Aris installation  you will find a folder named config - you need to edit the relevant cfg file, and replace the new server key with the old one. You need to restart the server for the new key to be active.


André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2010-02-03

completing the last answer from Ciska..


the name of the file is setupServerSettings.cfg

restart the service to save


Tom Sheys posted on 2010-02-09

Came across this issue as well.  Path to .cfg file was ...ARIS7.1\LocalServer\config

Is this a known bug in the installation?

Frank Beyer posted on 2010-02-09

In my opinion it is not a bug. It was only a question because I did not have the licencekey during installation, so I leave the field empty. After installation you can change the key for the remote access server in der path "ARIS7.1\server\config\setupServerSettings.cfg" and for the local server "ARIS7.1\LocalServer\config\setupServerSettings.cfg".

Martin Schröder posted on 2010-04-29

Since  version 7.1 Service Release 2009_02 IDS Scheer's Installation- and Administration Guide (see IDS download area) recommends to change Business Server settings after setup only in %ARISHOME71%\server\config\userServerSettings.cfg

I understood that Business Server reads the various *settings.cfg in the order

  1. defaultServerSetings.cfg
  2. setupServerSettings.cfg
  3. userServerSettings.cfg

If you follow the Guide you would only need to back up one file userServerSettings.cfg to restore a Business Server installation after a crash or on another physical server.

As far as I know there is no need to change the server licence key on a Local Server ?!? You only need to have an Architect licence, which is saved in the Windows %UserProfile%\ARIS71\user.cfg

Regards, Martin