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Created my first prcess model - can anybody act as an expter? :)

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by Florian Fey in BPMN posted on 2018-01-03

Hi guys,

I just modeled my first process model. Can anybody make a review if it is well designed? :)

Best regards,


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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2018-01-03

Hello Flo,

someone might, if you added the model as a screenshot?

Florian Fey posted on 2018-01-05

Hi Zschuckelt,

ok, here is the screenshot. Is it possible to review with German descriptions?


Carsten Pitz posted on 2018-01-03

Ups, at

and at

you introduce yourself as BPM consultant.

What is your intention?


Florian Fey posted on 2018-01-05

Hi Pica,

what do you mean regard to "my intention"

Best regards!

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2018-01-05

Hello Flo,

I understand Pica quite well. Your website introduces you as a BPM consultant and here you come with "hey, this is my first process model". One would expect that you would be reviewing your customer's process models. Often people come to this forum to bluntly do some advertising for their business. If this were your advertisement, I'd reckon it would be detrimental to your brand. So this behaviour is a bit confusing.

Besides - your graphic is unreadable. Maybe you attach a PNG export of your model?

Best regards.

Florian Fey posted on 2018-01-05


yes I am a business consulting and I am specialized on process optimization. But I never modeled my processes in a notation. It was always just text files and (un-notated) charts. Now i see that it is very helpful to use BPMN as an notation to make the modeling more efficient and the result more understandable. That means that i just read a book about BPMN und now starting model some example processes of my customers for my own to learn.


The PNG ist attached.

Best regards,


Carsten Pitz posted on 2018-01-05

As an experienced business consultant you should be able to validate processes yourself. If not I strongly advise you to change your job.

The syntax is checked by the tool.

So the only remaining task I am currently aware of is an independent review of your process. But I do not think it is not the aim of to provide you with such a review.

BTW, the name of your file attached starts with "Übung" the German word for exercise. So my advise for you is simply consult your trainer.


Florian Fey posted on 2018-01-05

I can validate my process but I can not validate if the modeling is good in BPMN. The Syntax I correct I know but in BPMN you can use some options for specific situiation.

This my own exercise, I hav no trainer.

I do not want to get a review of the process itself, I only want a feedback to the modeling in BPMN.

If nobody here wants to help a newbie to learn BPMN it is ok for me. Than the community is not the right for me.

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2018-01-05

Hey Flo,

congratulations on your decision to start modelling. Here are just some rules of thumb, that come to my mind, when I look at your first attempt:

1. Only model one process per model. So either FFBC or Kunde. The other is a black box.

2. Don't model the process of external entities (Kunde). You have no influence on them. They are always black box.

3. For business modelling (if you are obliged to do that in BPMN notation) restrict the set of symbols you use. BPMN contains a lot of stuff only IT people fully understand and usually confuse the business department. For example those rules and events with the pentagon are hard to comprehend.

4. Use events only when really necessary. This is not an EPC.

5. Use message symbol for messages exchanged with other pools. This gives you the opportunity to define the interface.

6. Avoid duplication of events. E.g. just one message receive event "Daten empfangen". "alles gebucht" and "Daten plausibel" are also duplicates.

7. Consider EPC notation for business modelling. You see already with this little model, that you are thinking a lot about technical things and getting confused in the notation.