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ARIS Express 2.2 released! Corrected filter and template available

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by Frank Weyand in ARIS Express posted on 2010-07-07

This is to inform you that we just uploaded ARIS Express 2.2 to our servers. This update does not contain new features but important fixes. Have a look here for an overview.

If you already installed ARIS Express and are connected to the Internet, you only need to start the tool and it will update itself while you are working with it.

Since we also made fixes for certain symbols, I added the new filter and template for ARIS Business Architect to this post. Install the updated filter and template before importing any new models from ARIS Express into ARIS Business Architect.

I just like to remind you to our nice poster showing you the most important modeling constructs available in ARIS Express. Make sure to spread the word about this new ARIS Express release to all your colleagues, fellows and friends!



Alfredo Armijos posted on 2010-07-12

Dear Frank:

It's a good new the upgrade of ARIS Express, but I have questions about how could I configurate the filter and template that you have added in this portal.

I only have the Express version, do I need the ARIS Platform to use this files?



Luiz Novellino posted on 2010-07-12

Thank you!

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-07-13

Hi Alfredo,

yes, you are right. The filter and template attached to this post support the import of ARIS Express models into the ARIS business server.

Express itself can't be configured.



Stefan Broadus posted on 2010-07-13


What will happen if I import the models using Express 2.2 without installing the new filters and templates?

I ask because I have created filters and templates specific to the restrictions  we enforce for our database. The first time we imported models from Express into the database it changed the font on 1000+ models.

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-07-14


you can find more information about the ADF import here.



Stefan Broadus posted on 2010-07-14

Thank you for the information on how to import.

Are there any consequences of not using the ARIS Express Filter and/or Template when importing other than appearance (object size, font, font size, etc.)?

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-07-15

Hi Stefan,

nope, it's all about the visual appearance. That makes it possible for you to decide whether you want to have the standard ARIS design, if the new design does not fit to your conventions.



Wei-Ching Wang posted on 2010-07-16

Press "F7" to open Linked file on an activity seems to be broken in version 2.2

Was working before the update. 

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-07-16


nope, F7 still works (just cross-checked it). Make sure, that you selected the object in the modeling window. If you e.g. focussed the name attribute of the attribute view or the model overview, F7 (Run) is not executed.



Wei-Ching Wang posted on 2010-07-16

Thanks for replying, Frank

This is how I selected the object before press F7 (the linked file doesn't have an icon either, I tried both direct link file path and relative link file path none of them work)


Between the update and last time I use Aris Express (with link working), I re-installed Java Runtime Environment from JRE 1.6.0_20 32bit to 1.6.0_20 64bit

would it be the problem cause

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-07-16


if you select the object and place show the attribute list, you got a button to start the link (see red mark in screenshot below).

Does is work then? If no, then there is something wrong with the link...



Wei-Ching Wang posted on 2010-07-17

Link is functional again after I re-install Aris express using installer I downloaded on 7 June.

The new installer I downloaded on 12 July maybe have bugs..:D

Mariya Noskova posted on 2010-07-22

Hello Frank!

I have imported Express template to ARIS BA 7.1.490592 and  tried to apply it on EPC model but my objects did not become as Express objects.

The same with other model types avalaible for Express.

So what can be the reason of it?

Stefan Broadus posted on 2010-07-22

This is probably because they are different objects between ARIS BA and Express. For example, Express uses the activity for its function object type whereas BA uses the function for its function object type. The function is not defined in the ARIS Express template. To make the functions look like the activities in ARIS Express, you have to select the object and under the object appearance menu, you have to change the symbol to activity.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

marc SICHLER posted on 2010-10-27

Hi, will Aris express 2.2 run with any version of java runtime after the 6.10 ?

Frank Weyand posted on 2010-10-27

Hi Marc,

yes, at least as long as Oracle does not make a huge mistake ;-)

Java versions should be compatible to earlier ones. Logically, if a new JRE version is released, we are going to make a test directly



Stephan Gain posted on 2014-06-17

trying to download filter for Architect => "The page you requested is no longer here"

another link available somewhere?

Eva Klein posted on 2014-06-23

Hi Stephan,

thank you for the info. The broken links has been fixed and the files are now available again for download.