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noticed ARIS Express connection problems?

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by Frank Weyand in ARIS Express posted on 2016-10-19

Hi, dear ARIS Express users,

currently, due to an update on our server, the current "local installable" version of ARIS Express for Windows is not able to connect to the community in order to check our account.

We are building a new version and put it online as soon as we got it.

Meanwhile, you could use the webstart version, that can be downloaded here:

(You need a local installed up-to-date Java runtime version installed)

See also:

Sorry for any inconveniences,


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Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-20

Hi folks,

the new version of ARIS Express is online and is version 2.4c.

If you use ARIS 2.4b already and registered your version, you actually do not need to do an update. But if you are a new user and want to use Express the first time, you need ARIS Express 2.4c, because 2.4b is not able to check your ARIS community account anymore.

Due to an update of our ARIS Community servers, we also had to update the ARIS Express version.
The new version contains a newer JRE (Java Runtime Environment). In contrast to the old JRE, the new version is now able to handle the account check for ARIS Community.

Please note that this new ARIS Express version does not contain new functionality or other fixes.

Please note as well, that you need to uninstall your version 2.4b and remove the files from your installation first before installing the new one.



Morten Croese posted on 2016-10-21


The update applies to the non-Windows version too?



Frank Weyand posted on 2016-10-21

Hi Morten,

as mentioned in the post above, it is the windows version, that can be installed locally. This contain an old JRE.

The non-Windows version is actually the same... the only difference is the distribution channel, which is Jar Webstart. Java Webstart uses the system-wide installed Java Runtime Environmnet, which is out of our hands.



Bob M posted on 2017-04-13

So for a new installation using the web start option (, does this mean it will only work with Java 8?

Due to my company IT restrictions, we are limited to Java 6. Unfortunately, I'm unable to complete the authentication procedure and the ARIS logfile records the following error:

"[community] Failed to read server's response: java.lang.RuntimeException: Could not generate DH keypair"

Is this due to the older Java not being compatible?

Frank Weyand posted on 2017-04-13

Hi Bob,

yes, Java 7 or 8. Java 6 is incompatible to the community's ssl encryption.