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How to use company's logo in the standard reports - another way

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by Pablo Gonzalez in Professional ARIS posted on 2011-02-18

Tool...........: ARIS Business Architect 7.0.x or higher
OS..............: Windows XP
Difficulty ..:

Note: This article involves changes in the standard files, for this reason I recommend to make a backup of those files before save it.

ARIS platform has a huge variety of standard reports for different goals and contexts (around 100). One of the most widely used customization is the change logos that are generated in the reports.

Most standard reports in Word / PDF use basically two images in the header: one on the left side and one on the right:

There are two ways to change the logo. The first one was posted by Dr. Jackie Damrau  on this topic.

I would like to show you another way to get the same result.

For our example we need two images in any of the following formats: GIF, JPG, WMF or EMF:

Tip: You can google and download a small image, duplicate it and rename both.

1) Open ARIS Business Architect, go to the Administration module / [server] / Evaluations / Common files and click the Add button:


2) Add the two images to be used as the logo and check that they appear in the common files list.


3) Left click on the Evaluations folder and press F5 (Refresh)

4) Still in the Common files folder, double click on the file atsallen.js. Note: If the ARIS interface is in a different language than English you should also edit the file atsallxx.js and perform the same steps below according your language acronym. Example: Portuguese  (pt) - edit "atsallpt.js" too.



5) Find the line with pictleft / pictright as below (around line 1663). A shortcut to go to there quickly is using the keys: CTRL + G (Go to line number):

Note: If the file has any previous update the line number may vary.


6) Copy the two lines marked up and duplicate them like in the image below:


7) Add the characters "/ /" (slash) at the beginning of lines 1663 and 1664 (it may be another lines for you). This action will comment the lines in case you want to go back to the original configuration of the tool:


8) Replace the contents of the parentheses to the names of the pictures you've created before. Do not forget the quotes "":


9) Save the changes throug the shortcut CTRL + S.


10) Run a standard report such as Model Information and you will see the final result:


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Martin Schröder posted on 2011-02-21

I found it much more efficient to replace the ARIS and IDS logos once and for all scripts and languages as described here

Pablo Gonzalez posted on 2011-02-21

Hello Mr. Martin,

My intention in writting this article was to show another way to do the same thing as you described above. I changed the subject and I'm referencing the link that you indicated.Thanks for your comment.

Fell free to choose the best way that fits your needs.

Kind regards.

Martin Schröder posted on 2011-02-22

Boa tarde Don Pablo,

sorry, I did not mean to answer curtly. I appreciate your article as a thorough tutorial on customizing the Aris scripting environment.

We have a rather long history with Aris since version 3.1 in 1998 with a lot of structual changes of the appllication over the years. From the configuration management view a change of the manufacturer's code adds complexity to any future update of our Aris environment. As much as I have learned IDS considers the common jscript libraries like atsall*.js and commonUtils.js as their code to be changed without notice. atsall*.js may be dumped soon together with the Toolset and VB script. So I went for the "single point of impact" to customize logos, which can be distributed easily on the local servers as well.

Best regards, Martin

Kundan Amin posted on 2011-02-22

Thanks for your article.

Aj C posted on 2011-02-25

Mr Pablo, this helps for ARIS Business Architect, what about ARIS business publisher? Could you please help?

Pablo Gonzalez posted on 2011-03-04

Hi Mr. Aj,

Considering that you are using ARIS 7.1 the first step is to know which layout you have chose.

We have the layout "default", which has the latest functionalities, and the "default_old", which was the default layout in ARIS 7.0.

If you are using the "default" layout, the path of images's logo is:

C:\Program Files\ARIS7.1\BPServer\tomcat\webapps\businesspublisher\layouts\default\images\bpLogo.png

If you are using the "default_old" layout, the path of images's logo is:

C:\Arquivos de programas\ARIS7.1\BPServer\tomcat\webapps\businesspublisher\layouts\default_old\images\alogo.gif

How to change the logo?

1) Create your logo image. It must have the size like the original image.

2) Rename the original image (depends on which layout you are using). Example: from "bpLogo.png" to "old_bpLogo.png"

3) Put the new image in the layout path with the same name as the original image. Example: from MyLogoName.png to bpLogo.png.

4) Restart the Business Publisher Server.










nicolas cofre posted on 2011-02-25

Hi, Pablo

Thanks for you article. I'll try it in my Aris Architect =) 



Jan de Groot posted on 2012-08-02

Can you please resend this article again. I can not see the images and want to replace both logo's at the template of the reports. Or is it possible to change the file containing the Java constants?


Raquel V posted on 2014-02-18

Hello all.

I' am working with Aris Architect 9.5.

Where can I change de logo of my reports?
With Publisher I know, but with Arquitect no.

What is the route where I can find the images of the logo?

Thank you very much in advance.

Jim Smith posted on 2017-07-13

Hi Pablo,

I am unable to see the embedded images. Any chance of downloading a PDF version of your suggested solution?