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New Java Version - Java client will not start

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by Bertin Günzburger in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-12-12

As I am often reading this forum to get help, when I am stuck, I would like to contribute a hint that I have been given:

Today they changed the Java version on the computers that we use to work in Aris, where we use the java client that is downloaded at run time. The effect of the Java change was, that the downloaded client would not start but get stuck after the window claiming that the client was being started.

The solution was to rename (or simply delete) the directory with the name of an IP-address under:
%USERPROFILE%\ARIS90\DownloadClient (eg C%USERPROFILE%\ARIS90\DownloadClient\, because the lib-subdiretory contains jar-files that have to replaced. So a new directory was created, containing the good jar-files

best regards
B. Günzburger

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Miro Goepel posted on 2016-12-12

Thank you for sharing this info, Mr. Günzburger.

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-12-12


this should normally not be needed.

Which client version of ARIS are you using?

If that should happen again, you could send us the console output (if you are using the download client by starting an applet)



Bertin Günzburger posted on 2016-12-12


Client Version is 9.8.6.

Best regards

Bertin Günzburger

Frank Weyand posted on 2016-12-13


you wrote "Today they changed the Java version on the computers that we use to work in Aris" which can be interpreted like this:

1.) the locally installed JRE is changed by a software distribution system.
- or -
2.) there was an automatic Java update by the JRE (which is think was not the case)
- or -
3.) you are using a so called "private JRE" which is placed on server side which has been updated.

Non of that cases should require changing anything on the local installed/downloaded files.

You are the first user seeing that behavior. However, we will have a look on this.