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ARIS 9.8 and Visio 2010 - Imports

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by Bertin G├╝nzburger in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-08-16

Back in March 2016 there was a post "ARIS 9.8 and Visio 2010 Professional - Imports", where somebody tried to import a Visio cross-functional flowchart into Aris. There was no answer to the post.

Now under Aris 9.8 and 10 we are trying to do the same thing. When I try to assign the ARIS model type "BPMN collaboration diagram (BPMN 2.0)" to the cross-functional flowchart, in the pull down list I see only BPMN process diagram (BPMN 1.x),

Does anybody know how I can have the Visio cross functional diagram imported into a BPMN collaboration diagram (BPMN 2.0)?

Thanks in advance


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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-08-28

Hello Bertin,

consult the Help in the "Configure Visio mapping" dialogue. The wording is a bit awkward. You have to press the Ctrl-Key while pressing the Add... or Edit... buttons. This will offer you all available ARIS model types. Observe the warning, that you might have to invest a little in JavaScript development to achieve the desired result. "Desires" tend to vary a lot and so do drawing styles in Visio. There is a chance however, that the default script produces quite acceptable output.

Best regards,

M. Zschuckelt