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Upgrade to ARIS 9 or 10

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by hala abbas in User Support posted on 2017-10-03
We are an organization that currently use ARIS 7.2  and  would kindly require the following information about upgrading to ARIS 9 or 10  :
  • Cost of upgrade to 9 or 10
  •  Could the software  be downloaded  on line via software AG ?
  • Minimal Hardware , software & availability requirements for both the  server and client
  •  Features that Support  the Enterprise architecture & TOGAF frame work
  • System support packages
  • Any further requirements needed for the upgrade
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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-10-16


Cost: Difficult to gauge without knowing your requirements. If you have a small installation with a couple of databases, no customizations, no Business Publisher, it may be a matter of a few days, plus knowledge update on the changes of the new releases. There are large organizations who prepare months for the change with adapting and intensive testing of the customizations in the new environment. So anything in between may apply to you.

Download: You can download the DVD image via

Hardware & Software requirements: There is information in Empower and on the installation media.

TOGAF: If you decide to switch to ARIS Connect product instead of ARIS Design Server with ARIS Publisher (which is the upgrade path of your maintenance contract) you get the TOGAF method extensions and reference database included with the product. Otherwise it is available.

Regarding support packages and migration planning consultancy, please contact your Software AG sales representative. He will also assess your requirements to give you an indication of the cost. If you have Business Publisher in place, even a customized one, give some consideration to the features of the ARIS Connect product. Evaluate, if it can provide the features to you that you achieved in BP only through customizing. If you can do without customizing, it will be worth it with every future release upgrade, where you do not have to redo your customizing.

There is no reason I would know of to upgrade to ARIS 9 instead of 10.0 SR 2.