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I've a couple of questions around this diagramming technique.  Is it used to show what happens inside of a software program or is it supposed to show programs calling each other?

If it is to be the algorithm of what happens inside a program as suggested in the method_manual_aris_s.pdf (section page158) which symbols are being used in the diagram on this page? I can't find them palette on the right hand side.  In User_guide_IT _Architect_s (section 5.1.2. page 17) it seems to suggest that it is as an interface to show programs being called between each other, which is it to be?

Also on a related note, In access diagrams I've seen that others have recommended not using the symbols for programming languages or DBMS type.  These symbols are deprecated and that instead of these symbols, the Application System Type symbol should be used.  

Practically how is this implemented? If I have an access diagram and I want to show that certain Application System Type objects are written in Assembler or COBOL then I have to have these defined somewhere else.  I imagine that these be defined as being part of an application system class called programming languages, but where?  Is there a diagram you have for defining these application system types which are used throughout the models that call them.  Do you put all your definitions here? (So all your other attributes that that will be used in your access models - DBMS types plus user-defined attributes)  Is there a standard way of naming these diagrams?


Thanks in advance