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Setting up the Organisational structure in ARIS

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by Philip Jenkins in United Kingdom & Ireland posted on 2010-05-21

I am about to start setting up my organisational structure in ARIS.

Initially, I will be using the organisational unit object, with position/job and person objects linked to it.

However, I also see the need of creating libraries of 'role' objects to indicate the types of role that position/job objects are composed of, and also a 'job type' library.  The difficulty I face is that my organisation has little standardisation of roles, job descriptions etc.

I would appreciate the advice from anyone who has developed an organisational structure and what issues and learnings you could share with me?


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Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2010-05-21


When there is not much standardisation then you can just have a library  (or an org. chart w/o links) at the beginning then when you develop your process models and knowledge maps you'll be able to view your organisation by what they do and what they know rather than what their labels are. However, if most if your processes are unstructured then a combination of "Knowledge Map" model and "Product/Service Exchange Diagram" could be a better initial solution.

Philip Jenkins posted on 2010-05-21

thanks for this Ivo

Nilesh Pawar posted on 2017-09-13

Hello Philip,

first create Org Chart, and use the same for defining Area, High level process and subsequent lower levels.

once you standardied the Org Chart, it will be easy to move further.



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