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Creating a combined data type attribute

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by Ivo Velitchkov in Professional ARIS posted on 2009-06-26

Is there a way to create a combined data type attributes. Now ARIS allows boolean, integer, data, time etc but combined type like those for costs cannot be created or it's not obvious how. Any ideas how to solve this?





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Jens Lauer posted on 2009-06-26


Hi Ivo,
It seems that this is currently not possible in ARIS.
But as a workaround you can create two user defined attributes:

  • One to specify the "amount"
  • One to specify the "unit"

Let's make an example:

To create attributes for defining costs you would create one attribute called cost of type floating point number. To specify the currency you can create another attribute of type "Values" and enter the currencies that should be supported.

To group the attributes belonging together you could use an own attribute group as subgroup of an existing group.
I hope that helps!


Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2009-06-26

Thank you, Jens! Well, if there is no other way then I will go with the two-attribute approach.

Darja Osipova posted on 2017-09-12


does this function (attribute combined data type) in ARIS version 98.7 exist?

Thank you in advance.



M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-09-12


the feature exists neither in 9.8.6 nor in 10.0.1, which are the versions I had at hand. So I think it's safe to assume, that 9.8.7 hasn't got it either.

Please create a brainstorm request for this feature. And I recommend not to post in threads 8 years old, but create a new one instead for better visibility.

Regards, M. Zschuckelt

Darja Osipova posted on 2017-09-12

Thank you M. Zschuckelt,

I will create a new post next time.

It is a pity, that this feature does not exist. How can I create a brainstorm request? 

Regards, Darja

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-09-12

Hello Darja,

Log into Empower.

In the menu on the left there is one entry called "Feature Requests in Brainstorm". This will get you there.

Regards, M. Zschuckelt