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Seven Stages of a Project ("BPM is fun" category)

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by Ivo Velitchkov in ARIS Express posted on 2009-10-25

Another classical thing, but unlike my previous "order-to-cash" entry, this one is more in line with Pascal's. I'm sure the content is known to most of you. What is probably not so popular and a really nice thing (and I'm impetient to see this in ARIS pro), is the usage of the "copy list/paste objects" (I'm not aware of the right name) capability which was the only reason I was able to put this together in less than a minute. For those who haven't tried it, just copy a list of values from any source and when pasting it on ARIS Express you can choose the type of objects you want to create with these names among the allowed according to the model type you are pasting them on. Well, if this tip was useful I still hope the entry will remain in the "BPM is fun" category.



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Roland Woldt posted on 2009-10-26

Hi Ivo,

this functionality is already -somewhat- in the current ARIS version. Just go to ARIS Explorer and click on the "New" button in the Object tab. In the next dialogue field choose the object type and paste you list of values in the lower half of the modal window. Voila - you created all definitions in that group.

Select these and copy them into your new model. Done :-)


Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2009-10-26

Hi Roland,

Yes but there are 5 additional steps - see the diagram. I've used starting events as pre-conditions just two make the two processes leaner and easier to compare.

Sorry for the bad quality but there is still no way to add adf in a reply and with the 700pixels limit for graphics...


Roland Woldt posted on 2009-10-26

Agreed, the implementation in Express is smoother than the method I described. I just wanted to let others know that they can speed up their object creation (today, until SR5 [?] comes out), since we don't have this in the standard ABD training class ...

Gülsüm Ucuran posted on 2009-10-29

Hello Ivo,

your model "Seven Stage of a project" is very interesting and funny too, but what i really want to know is where, when and to which project you did make such experiences.

I´m not telling someone about it ;-)) Thank you

I wish you good luck in the competition.

Best regards




Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2009-10-29

In too many actually :) I don't know who is the original author of "the seven stages" but it is too often that I recognize several, and in one project a few year ago, all of them. I don't know if this is funny. It 's actually very sad :).

Thank your wishes but I don't find this one quite competitive. May be the other entry is a bit more. Or an earlier one if it could be considered part of the competition as well :)