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ARIS and Global SAP Templates

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by James Nicholls in Professional ARIS posted on 2011-12-06

I'm working with a global client with a heavy multi instance SAP investment and a good ARIS investment. Solution Manager usage is intermittent and ARIS / SolMan integration less so. They some way into a global process and master data standardisation programme; rolling template processes out from central template SAP instances to production instances in geographies and lines of business.

I'm looking at ways of governing, controling and monitoring global SAP template usage and I'm really keen to talk to people with experience of using ARIS (or indeed any other tools) in this kind of environment, especially in light of the template management capabilities in SolMan 7.0. My utopia would be to be able to use ARIS to report on the roll out penetration of template components globally.

Cheers, James

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Eric Vale posted on 2011-12-09


Hi James,

Working with ARIS and SOLMAN for global templates is a big  subject it requires knowledge in tree different area.

Fist ASAP Focus: This is the SAP Methodology for global templates, this is really important because implementing ARIS and SOLMAN in global template projects, changes the way you conduct the project.

The second is about SOLMAN: There are several functionalities that SOLMAN provides to compare, update and control implementation projects based on templates (Ex. Local, global, and harmonized process. Document control).

You can find some documents how to work with solman at  - > SAP Solution Manager 7.1 -> Template Management

Requires a S user.

The last one is ARIS:  You should build a method to maping process in a way that cover all the aspects of an implementation project, distinguish activities that are local, global and mainly the location where this activity is executed.

Also you should pay attention in the synchronization governance of ARIS and SOLMAN, when it is performed, who is responsible and other aspects.

I hope I could help you.


Eric Vale
SAP Consulting



James Nicholls posted on 2012-01-09

Hi Eric

Thanks for the response. I'm not a solman expert, it would be good to have a chat about it? Is that possible?