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How to update Oracle database configuration details of ARIS Design Server 9.6

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by Jayshree Asutkar in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-17

In which file of ARIS Design Server 9.6 we can update the Oracle database details (Server IP, Username, Password).

Please help, unable to recognize the correct file.

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Rune Becker posted on 2017-07-17

Dear Jayshree,

I strongly recommend to update your ARIS installation to the most recent ARIS version, because ARIS 9.6 has been published back in 2014. Since then ARIS has been improved a lot.

Your upgrade path is either ARIS 9.8 SR8 or ARIS 10.0 SR1, depending on your future plans for leveraging the dashboarding capability provided by a new product ARIS Aware.


Jayshree Asutkar posted on 2017-07-17

Dear Becker,

We have planned to update from ARIS 9.6 to ARIS 9.8 SR8. But as of now we have to work on ARIS 9.6 only.

It would be highly appreciated if you help.

Rune Becker posted on 2017-07-17

Isn't that sufficiently described in ARIS Server Installation and Administration Guide.pdf in chapter Configure the Database Connection for Additional Schemes by the command update external service...?

update external service <DBID> url="jdbc:sqlserver://<DBMS-Hostname>:<TCPIP-PORT>;DatabaseName=<MSSQL-DATABASE-NAME>;instanceName=<MSSQL-INSTANCE>" driverClassName="" username="<DBMS-USERNAME>" password="<DBMS-PASSWORD>" maxIdle=15 maxActive=300 maxWait=10000 removeAbandoned=false removeAbandonedTimeout=600 logAbandoned=true defaultAutoCommit=false rollbackOnReturn=true host=<DBMS-Hostname> jmxEnabled=true

Thierry Caro posted on 2017-07-31

Hello Rune.

Would an update for MS-SQL database for ARIS 9.8 be similar ?  The admin guide does not provide MS-SQL examples, but only Oracle's.

Thanks !

Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-08

Dear Thierry,

I think so. But to be sure just ask for an example at Global Support ARIS. I am sure they could provide that information.