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Process interface

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by Julie Grace in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-12-29

Hi all,

I would like to get a professional advice on how to use process interface. In my previous company, we only use it to connect EPC models (process flow to process flow). But in my new company, I noticed that they are using it to connect from EPC to VAC, or EPC to different FADs which I believed is not correct. Since we are having a ARIS convention review next year, I would like to confirm the correct rules regarding process interfaces.

Thanks and happy holidays! :)




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Ana Sequeira posted on 2016-12-29

Hello Julie, I am currently working in a project and to connect EPC to different FADs  we are using just a regular assignment. The same for VAC to EPC.

Like you said, we only use process interfaces to connect EPC models.

Hope I helped,

Kind Regards

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-01-02

Hello Julie,

here is my example of how I would recommend to use the Process Interface symbols:

Let's say you have 2 processes P1 and P2, which are linked through an interface.

You model P1 in an EPC named "P1" and P2 in an EPC named "P2". In the EPC "P1" you use a process interface symbol named "P2" and vice versa in the EPC "P2" you use a process interface symbol named "P1". You create an assignment to each Process Interface and assign the corresponding EPC, so you can navigate to the linked process from each EPC via the assignment symbol.

So what you have now are 2 function objects "P1" and "P2" represented as Process Interfaces in each EPC, and assigned with the EPC detailing "P1" and "P2" respectively. You can use the SAME objects in a VAC model as value-added chain symbols and you get a higher-level view of your process landscape with "P1" and "P2".

If you have any further objects you want to link to the value-added chains, e. g. a process owner or an Org. unit responsible for the process, you can use FADs assigned to P1 and P2. Of course then you have 2 assignments to the P1 and P2 function objects (EPC and FAD) and you will also be asked for the model you want to navigate to, when you are following the Process interface assignment in the EPC.

Most likely the conventions will define, that in the FADs you are supposed to link different things to objects of different granularity (processes and process steps).

Hope I helped,

Mayur Patel posted on 2017-01-18


The way I think of it(similarly to the previous responders) is that an assignment describes the object in more detail from a certain perspective i.e. a high level VAC function is explained in more process detail via an assignment to an EPC and the assignment to a FAD shows all its connections to library type objects(documents, applications, roles etc.).

My thinking of the process interface is to connect models at the same level as each other.

So, from a process perspective the assignment lets me drill down into more levels of detail while the process interface lets me navigate across my process at the same level.

Let me know if you agree

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-01-18

Thanks, you wrapped it up very concisely.