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This is why Carlsberg beer tastes great – ARIS helps Carlsberg to become the fastest growing beer company

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by Joerg Klueckmann in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2013-07-04

From June 17-21, Software AG's International User Groups Conference took place in Barcelona. It was a great event with inspiring presentations and intense discussions. As a natural-born ARIS fan, I attended the ARIS User Group sessions. I saw presentations by BNP Paribas Fortis, Rabobank, Carlsberg, and Lufthansa Systems. All presentations were great, but I especially liked the Carlsberg lecture.

A major part of Carlsberg's strategy is to grow through acquisitions. With this comes complexity because each acquired company brings its own IT systems, data models, and processes. To become the fastest growing beer company in the world, Carlsberg needed to reduce complexity to stay agile. To do so, the company launched a Business Standardization Program (BSP), which is not only an IT system implementation, but a global business transformation program. Carlsberg chose ARIS to implement the BSP program to achieve one common business process model, one common IT platform, and one integrated supply chain.

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Niraj Ramanathan posted on 2013-07-05


Carlsberg's strategy seems really interesting. I would like to know more about their BSP. Would you be able to give some insights into their BSP, and how they are achieving the one common IT platform across all their acquisitions?




Joerg Klueckmann posted on 2013-07-08

Thanks for your question Mr. Ramanathan,

Lotte Tange shared with us that Carlsberg started to discover local as-is processes, master data and reporting requirements. From this they derived global to-be processes. These processes were synced with SAP Solution manager. SAP was used to execute the processes globally under consideration of regional adoptions (process instances).

Niraj Ramanathan posted on 2013-07-08

Mr. Klueckmann,

Thanks a lot for your reply. Appreciate you taking out time to reply.

Parveen Jaswal posted on 2013-07-23

This is really a good one. Carlsberg's BSP is indeed a very impresive piece of work.

Thanks Joerg for sharing this case study with detailed documentation on your corporate blog.

Brian Johnson posted on 2013-07-25

The presenter from Carlsberg was very enthusiastic and energetic, which combined well with the content of her presentation.   Attending this certainly has made me a Carlsberg fan (okay, the beer is good, too!).

Joerg Klueckmann posted on 2013-07-29

Same here ;-)