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ARIS for MacOS

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by kaab rustam in ARIS Express posted on 2018-01-14

hello everybody,

Can anyone guide me regarding ARIS Express installation on MAC, as it is not supported on MacOS, any other way to install it? I shall be very much grateful in this regard.

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Frank Weyand posted on 2018-01-15

Uh... did you had a look on the download page for Express?

You can use the webstart implementation of Express. You just need to have the JRE for Mac installed on your machine.

kaab rustam posted on 2018-01-16

I was told that it only works for windows, 


Ky Prsz posted on 2018-02-02

Acutally it's running. All you have to do is installing a java enviroment in which you can run ARIS Express.

It#s not perfect, but it's running.