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Using "Data store" in BPMN

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by Oleg Titov in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-12-16

Hello, colleagues!

Could you help me - with using objects "Data store" in BPMN?

I use an object "Data store" in the design of business-process in BPMN notation. But I can't link the object "Data store" with IT-architecture.

So my question is how I can get the list of operations that are supported the "Data store"?

Or how I can show on the process IT-systems that support the operations, so that I could then get information what systems what actions support.




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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2016-12-19


do you mean the "Data Object" of BPMN notation? In ARIS that is an Object of type Cluster/Data model and has "is input for" and "has as output" relationships to process tasks.

If your "Data store" is an IT system, you have two options, since modelling of functional breakdowns is out of scope of BPMN.

1. Use function allocation diagrams assigned to each task and assign the "data store" object to the task object there.

2. Use "Enterprise BPMN" model type for modelling your BPMN processes in ARIS. Then you can use application system type objects represented as Lanes and for each task placed on the Lane the connection "supports" will be created automatically. As the name suggests, this model type is intended for business process people who prefer BPMN over EPC notation. For solution design purposes you should go for the standard BPMN 2.0 model types (Collaboration and Process) and use option 1.

Best regards.