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by Laura Javier in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-08-25

Hello - I'm trying to look for where I can configure page settings or printing settings for diagrams that I have created in Aris Connect. I've attached a screenshot of the version of ARIS that I am using. I'm not sure whether this is a feature that is not available in the version of ARIS that I am working in or whether I just haven't got the permission based on my role.

As you can imagine, the diagrams that I have created would be quite big and I want to make sure that each diagram can fit into a page instead of being sliced in different areas. 


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Rune Becker posted on 2017-08-25

Dear Laura,

In your ARIS Connect version 9.8.6 we haven't yet offered printing the model graphic. Only with ARIS Connect 10.0 you will have that option.

For the time being you may want to use the report "Create process manual" which includes the model graphic. Or an ARIS script developer write an individual report to output only the model graphic. Reports can be integrated into Connect via an option in the report properties, but in your version must not contain dialogs. In ARIS 10.0 that limitation has been removed.


Laura Javier posted on 2017-08-30

Thank you Rune. I've had a look at the Export Graphic as PDF option as well. Looks like that's a better fit for what I'm trying to do given that it doesn't have the additional information that is in the process manual version.