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Aris Cloud Repository Name Error

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by Louise McDonagh in ARIS Cloud Support posted on 2017-12-22

When I linked a model to an object using the link symbol on the toolbar, the repository showed an old, out of date name for the model for me to select from.  When I opened it in Aris Cloud, the old model name was shown and not the new one.  There is an error therefore in that when a model name is changed, the repository does not reflect this change.  See below: 'Perform New Starter Pre Screening Checks' was an old name for this model.  The current name of the file as it was uploaded from Aris Express is 'S Perform New Starter Pre Employment Checks' 


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Christoph Lorenz posted on 2017-12-27


Unfortunately the screenshots are missing,

What do you mean with "link" a model to an object"?



Louise McDonagh posted on 2018-01-19
Louise McDonagh posted on 2018-01-19

These are 2 separately named and saved .adf Aris Express models I uploaded, but Aris Cloud has given them the same unchangeable name of High Level New Starter Engagement Process - the .adf models are named '01 Engage New Starter (Adecco)' and '01 Engage New Starter (Corporate)' respectively.  I believe this is an upload error, so I need to be able to changes these file names in the repository to reflect the diagram titles.  How do I do this. 

Christoph Lorenz posted on 2018-01-19

Hi Louise

Thanks for the screenshots.

Did you try to change the name on this way?

"i" button in the right upper corner

The properties of the diagram appear.

There you can change the name of model via the "name" attribute in the text field

See screenshot

Best regards


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