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by Manfred Drucker in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-03-30

Hello all,

We have Schedule Tasks in ARIS Designer. Normally these should be executed around 12am, but they are executed 2 hours later.The time and zone are displayed correctly on the Server.

i found something strange: When i try to modify these Schedule Tasks it is displayed correclty at 12am, but when i look at Overview of the Tasks at the Column "Next Start..", it says 2am...

Maybe it is because of the Summer time changeover.

Does someone know how to fix this or have suggestions?




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Gerald Schroeder posted on 2017-03-30

Hi Manfred,

I had a similar phenomen after the switching to summer time.

but after a reboot of the publisher server the scheduled tasks were working and showing correctly.

BR Gerald

Manfred Drucker posted on 2017-04-03

Hallo Gerald,

Unfortunately, your solution didnt solve our problem... we are already in contact with the sag support. If i know more i give some infos.

Manfred Drucker posted on 2017-04-10


i got a respond. The Support told us, the problem is the ARIS Version, which didnt consider summer time changing. We need to upgrade. - My Solution was to delete the Tasks and created new one... now it works again... :-)

regards manfred

Martin Schröder posted on 2017-04-10

Hello Manfred,

can you let us know which ARIS release is affected?

And in which release this should be fixed?

Thanks, Martin

Gerald Schroeder posted on 2017-04-10

Hello Manfred,

thanks for sharing your experience. Seems like upgrading isn't always a proper solution. Actually we are on 9.8 SR6 and it looks quite stable. So  lets see what ARIS 10 brings this year 8o)

BR Gerald