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Problem installing ARIS MashZone

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by Marcelo Cardoso in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-11-08

I installed ARIS MashZone, but when I click in "Start ARIS MashZone", in ARIS MashZone Installation screen, appears this Error Message: "Network Access Message: The Website cannot be found" with the Error Code: 11001. Does anyone can help me with this? Thanks in advance.

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Christian Neu posted on 2010-11-08

Hi Marcelo,

it seems that MashZone isn't started yet.

You can do that, by starting the start_mashzone.bat in your installation directory, or in Start >> All Programs >> start ARIS MashZone-Server (as Application).


Best Regards,

Marcelo Cardoso posted on 2010-11-08

Thanks for the comment, but I oppened the ARIS MashZone-Server on "Start >> All Programs >> start ARIS MashZone-Server (as Application)" and the error continued. Do you know if I can do anything else to solve this problem? Regards, Marcelo Cardoso.

Christian Neu posted on 2010-11-08

Does that command box appear on your desktop? The server isn't ready until that bordered info shows up

Marcelo Cardoso posted on 2010-11-08

Yes, the command box appears on my desktop, but the info "Server startup" don't appears and the window close after some exceptions.


Christian Neu posted on 2010-11-09

I think the tomcat server of MashZone can't start, due another usage(other application) of the port 16360 that MashZone uses. To solve the problem you've got two options.

Option 1: Reinstall MashZone and choose in the setup another port, for e.g. 16361

Option 2: Open the installation folder of MashZone and open this file:


Alter this line:

<Connector connectionTimeout="20000" port="16360" protocol="HTTP/1.1" redirectPort="8443"/>


<Connector connectionTimeout="20000" port="16361" protocol="HTTP/1.1" redirectPort="8443"/>

Afterwards you must restart the MashZone server in order that the modification works.

Hope this solves the problem.


Marcelo Cardoso posted on 2010-11-09

Appears a new error to me.


Marcelo Cardoso.

Christian Neu posted on 2010-11-09

It looks like that the shutdown port is in use too.

Please open the file "MashZone\system\tomcat\conf\server.xml" again and alter this:

<Server port="16366" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">


<Server port="16367" shutdown="SHUTDOWN">

Are you sure that an old instance of MashZone isn't running?


posted on 2010-11-09

You can use TCPView ( to discover what ports are in use by what processes.

Marcelo Cardoso posted on 2010-11-09

First I would like to thank you for all the help.

I think that this is the last problem...

When I start the server I don't have any error.

But when I open ARIS Mashzone, on screen ARIS MashZone Installation the info is not actual. The ports aren't updated. I tryed deleting the cookies, but the problem continue.


Marcelo Cardoso

Stephan Freudl posted on 2010-11-09

During setup the html page displayed above is generated reflecting the settings you selected. Since you changed ports manually this page has not been updated. Feel free to adjust the ports (it is just a text file again).

The official way of selecting different ports suggests the setup procedure, i.e. the advanced mode, which enables you to specify ports.

Christian Neu posted on 2010-11-10

If you click on "Start ARIS MashZone" does MashZone work now, or does the error message still appear? If so, test this url: http://localhost:16361/mashzone/


Marcelo Cardoso posted on 2010-11-11

Thank you for the help.

The problem was solved.


Marcelo Cardoso

omar zirmi posted on 2011-01-04

Hello every one,

I have a similar probleme asMr. Cardoso. I can't start the application MashZone.

The ports aren't used by another application.

Stephan Freudl posted on 2011-01-04


one of the first lines of your log indicate that MashZone service is not allowed to write to its database. Please make sure that MashZone has permission to write to its installation directory. In case you installed in program files (default location) and using Vista or win7 you might need to configure this manually or install to another location.


omar zirmi posted on 2011-01-05

Thank you Stephan, I had change the wiriting permission of the MshZone folder. Now it run correctely.

Thank you.