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bpmn question

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by maryam shal in BPMN posted on 2017-12-28

I want to know how to draw a process that after three times calling to customer if he says he does not agree with technical feasibility study, sales expert cancels his request,otherwise sales expert registers feasibility study. I want to know if I should use boundary intermediate timer or use gateway after register customer request and in gateway use a question if customer is  satisfy with  technical feasibility study and if yes , then technical expert does feasibility study and otherwise sales expert registers cancel request.


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Carsten Pitz posted on 2017-12-28


I would separate the processes call handling and sales expert reaction. I attached two diagrams to illustrate that idea. I created the diagrams with a pre 1.0 version aka beta version of a BPMN modeling tool. As a result the icons shown for the two send events are simple wrong.

I further attached the XMI file of the "model".


maryam shal posted on 2017-12-31


Thank you for replying to my question and your file that attatched.It was very useful.