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Changing the Font of Navigation in Business Publisher

Mathias Schacht's picture
by Mathias Schacht in Professional ARIS posted on 2014-01-22


I am trying to change the Font of the Top Navigation Bar in ARIS Business Publisher but though i searched and tried for a longer period i couldn't find the right spot.

Can anyone help?
I did attach a Screenshot. All I would like to do is changing the Text Font from White to Black. (Maybe with the option to have only the active one change to black and keep the inactive Tabs in White).

Thank you.


Jens Heylmann posted on 2014-01-27

Hi Mathias,

try to change the "color" in the "entryOut" / "entryOver" style which could find in styles.css line 233...





Mathias Schacht posted on 2014-01-29

Hi Jens,

Thank you very much.
It worked perfectly :)
I even added a line (font-weight:bold;) to change to font to bold to put more emphasis on the active one.

Thanks again.


Ashana Mittal posted on 2017-11-11

Hi all,

We are currently using ARIS business publisher and we want to customise it to some extent. Our idea is to capture the credentials of the person visiting the business publisher. May be a pop up comes which ask for the credentials of the person visiting the tool. Is that possible? Thanks in advance