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Installing Aris Express: e-mail vs. community forum user name

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by Mikael Jörgenstam in ARIS Express posted on 2017-05-12

My first post in this forum and I hope not last.

In the installation instructions it states clearly that we should not use the registered e-mail address as user name when installing and initiating Aris Express.

This appears to be advice given with some deviation for students whom register through the use of a university account.

In this case i.e. it is your community user account name as well as registered user e-mail which is to be used together with your password specified when registering for the first time.

If your university or faculty is not is not registered with the database of ARIS /Software AG then some delay may occur before you can use the product.

Thank's for a great initiative which this university exchange program on Aris behalf is.


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Givemore Mukodzongwa posted on 2017-05-15

I have a problem to activate my Aris Express to use it for the first time on my pc - "Unable to connect to Aris Community. Please connect the internet when running ARIS Express fofr first time so that your login data can be checked" Attached is the message that comes out and i don't know what else to do. I tried to use hotspot internet from my phone but it says the same error.


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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-05-15


dear user "Giremore Mukodzongwa", could you please paste the content of the file with name containing "exception" in "%userprofile%\ARISExpress\log"?



Givemore Mukodzongwa posted on 2017-05-17

Dear Frank

I am sorry but i don't understand where i get the file with the name containing "exception". Please would you give me full instruction and steps of what to do.




Frank Weyand posted on 2017-05-17

Open a windows explorer (I suppose you use Windows?) and paste this in the address field:


Peter Pesta posted on 2017-05-27

Hi Mike, 

I was expecting the same error message, but after a long long time I was able to login. 
Can't remove this comment, so I edited this one. 

Kind Regards,